turn the page

(2012) Turn the Page

choreography & direction Nicole Livieratos

Turn the Page involved 6 performative installations set along an urban street as commentary on American’s persistence to repeat behavior patterns regarding energy consumption. All props and costumes were rebuilt from recycled materials, all lights were rechargable LEDs strapped to scaffolding pushed from site to site.

“Everything was creative, from the jesterish costumes to the mobile lighting and music (on a platform wheeled from station to station). The episodes ranged from sophisticated slapstick, with performers disporting themselves like bumper cars, to complicated choreography, as in the piece in which they literally drank themselves under the table. Bravo! "

-Catherine Fox, ArtsATL

created for Flux Night

technical director Chip Gooding, sound designer Paul Kayhart, costume design E.K.Ayotte

Made possible by: Flux Projects, The LUBO FUND,  with additional support from The Bash Party Rentals, Huffines PR

with performances by Blake Beckham, Derrick Causey, Emily Christianson, Blake Dalton, Juana Farfán, Chris McCord

Photos courtesy of Ali Laipple